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Your website is not simply a collection of pictures, type, and a logo.  It’s a reflection of your organization, and your values.  It provides your potential clients a window into what makes your organization unique and why they should choose you.  So, approach it with intention.

Growth Fire Strategies, a Raleigh based web-design agency, builds responsive, visible, and effective websites that organizations own their voice in the marketplace.  Every design that we do begins with a purpose, we don’t simple build ‘pretty websites’.  Our websites are designed to fit your organizational goals.

Our Web-Design Process

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We Start With You…

We want to know how you do business and how your organization works. We’ll use this information to prioritize content and guide the conceptualization of your web design.

We Review Market Opportunities…

We apply what we learn about your business against market and competitive research to help define our first steps forward as well as highlight potential opportunities with the new design.

We Engage What We’ve Learned…

Our team addresses specific functional business needs. Once we’ve solidified an effective strategy, we’ll put it all together into a “blueprint” that will guide the rest of the project.

We Seek Your Feedback…

Once we come up with a concept we sit down and review our game plan for the new site with you to receive your feedback and ensure that it aligns with your organizational goals.

We Implement Your Feedback…

This is the first full pass.  We present you with an operating site built in our staging environment.  This lets you kick the tires and see how the fully functioning site will operate.

You’ve Kicked The Tires…

You’ve had a chance to ‘play’ with the site and you’ve given us your feedback.  We implement these next round of revisions and incorporated them into the staging site and given you a chance to take another look at to ensure nothing was lost in translation.

It’s Go Time!

There’s a lot that happens in this stage.  The SEO strategy has been implemented.  The hosting solution has been identified and implemented.  Any client training desired has been initiated.  All systems are go and the big red button has been pressed!

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